Wednesday, September 5, 2007

TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT - A Pre-Debate Roundup

Coming to a TV near you it's the Fox News GOP Debate, tonight at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). I can't wait to see how Mike Huckabee will dwarf everyone else and move on the momentum of the past few weeks and join the Top Tier tonight. He WILL win the debate tonight hands down! As of this posting there are 7 hours left before the big show - So here's a Roundup from the News and Blogosphere to tide you over.

Mike Huckabee President 2008 has Huck's recent appearance on CBN's 700 Club.

Meanwhile Death By 1000 Papercuts looks forward to a huge event in West Virginia on February 5th next year that may very well have a bearing on many others state primaries that day. After doing some research I'll definitely have more to say on this later.
has a story about a debate two weeks down the road in Florida. So far Rudy, Mitt, Fred, and McCain are snubbing. It's the "Values Voters Debate" which should give you a clue who not to vote for (Hint - The candidates who snub this debate). I'll have more on this at a later date since the debate will be streaming over the web.

While there is a surge of momentum for Huckabee, things are looking bleak for the Brownback Campaign. Hey Sam! Isn't it time you throw in the towel and endorse Mike?

Back to the debate tonight, Kevin Tracy has a great rundown on what the keys are for tonight's debate. also chiming in with a great opine on the Debate and the Fred Thompson factor is Colorado For Huckabee. SC4Huckabee is also looking forward to Round 5 of the debates!

US News & World Report has an excellent write-up this week on Mike Huckabee.

Yet another straw poll shows us that Huckabee is in double-digits. Mike finishes tied for 4th with 13 percent in South Dakota.

Huckabee is still the only candidate from either party to sign Newt's "Nine Nineties in Nine" pledge
. If another GOP candidate doesn't sign that pledge I think Newt will endorse Huckabee and it will be all over for the rest of the field.

Wide Awakes has what may be devastating news for Fred and excellent news for Huck!

Hooray! There's a mole on K Street for Huckabee!

Phew. Theres a whole lot more out there but my fingers are tired and now we have 6 hours to go (it's taken me one hour to compose this Roundup). I have to rest my fingers for after the debate and the fallout tomorrow. The blogosphere really buzzing, that's for sure!

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