Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Challenge to all you Huckabee Sports Fans!

Back when I was in school we were forbidden to wear hats. Being able to wear one was a real privilege. There were exceptions made for special purposes. Several of those exceptions were made for fundraising. I am proposing something similar for this Friday!

We are reaching the end of the 4th Quarter of the Fundraising period for the Huckabee campaign. I know many of us out there are football fans. I realize that Friday is usually "causal Friday" for those out in the workforce. I challenge each of you that will be wearing attire for your favorite College/NFL football team, or NASCAR driver donate at least 5 dollars to the Mike Huckabee campaign by using this link

We can do it Y'all! No matter what team we are rooting for on Saturday and Sunday, let's get behind Team Huckabee! Together we can achieve Victory! Let's get out there and win one for the Huckster!!

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