Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Challenge, An Update

I want to thank the Huckabee Myspace and Michigan Redneck for spreading the word around about my challenge. Tomorrow is Friday. I've put down my money and I am wearing my red and black for the Georgia Bulldogs. What about you? We're getting closer and closer to the goal set by the Huckabee campaign of 2,500 donations by the September30th deadline. They've got 700 more to go at this point. There's three days left. Maybe you can't wear anything tomorrow. Maybe your ofice doesn't have Cas' Friday. Maybe you're going to wear your team colors this weekend. I'm going to extend my challenge. If at anytime you're going to wear attire supporting your favorite team this weekend, all you have to do is donate 5 bucks to Huckabee through his website. It's very easy! They even have people that will pick up if you want to phone in your details. C'mon together we can make a difference! While your at it, go over and see Kevin Tracy and let him know you read his challenge and your donation will grow by 50 percent! That means your 5 dollar donation will turn into $7.50!

I tell ya what folks. It's crunch time. It's 4th and Goal and we need to get in the endzone and score a Touchdown to win the game. This is so important to me that if 50 people will tell me they answered my challenge I will donate 50 dollars on Saturday evening! It's that simple. Let's do the math. 50 times $5.00 equals 250 bucks! Add my 50 and that makes 300 bucks. Then taking it over to ktracy we'll add 50 percent ($150) for a grand total of $450 we can raise together! C'mon everyone, let's hunker down and win one for the Huckster! WE CAN DO IT!!!

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Michigan Redneck said...

Hey, I am trying to promote "Fall for Mike Huckabee" season. If you could direct your readers to it that would be awesome. A little something for supporters to encourage the not-so-computer-savvy people to become Mike Huckabee supporters.


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