Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great News on Two Fronts

Good morning!

There is awesome news on two fronts this morning. Not only did we meet the 2,500 new donations goal set by the Mike Huckabee campaign, we met the 3,000 new donation goal when the bar was raised yesterday! Can we get to 3,250 before Midnight tonight? Let's keep it up!

Also there are new numbers in from Iowa from yesterday and the news is good. Mike's in double digits! Mike is three points ahead of John McCain, one point before Rudy, and four points behind Fred. There is also 15 percent undecided and even if only half broke Mike's way, Huck would be in 2nd place behind Mitt "Mr. Moneybags" Romney. One caveat is that the margin of error is high with this poll. I wonder why? I am also interested in the polls that are taken from this point forward. Why? Well finally Newt is out of the equation. How much of his support will break for Mike? Is the sudden surge in Huckabee donations (500 in one day) a result of Newt's announcement yesterday, and from the people that were going to donate to his campaign?

I am pretty sure that not even Mike Huckabee himself knew what good timing the end of the 3rd Quarter was. He participated in Solutions Day, yesterday, He impressed at the PBS forum on Thursday (Michael Steele was impressed...could an endorsement be coming from him?),and Mike's Foreign policy speech on Friday has gotten him a lot of press from the "Bush Bashing" mainstream media. It can only get better from here folks! We may be watching the most spectacular political Cinderella story ever. Mike is being outspent 1,000 to 1 and yet those people who have more money are losing their support while Mike gains. If Mike can end up pulling this out we might have a movie in the making here. This would be more shocking than Jimmy Carter's rise to the White House. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's a long way to go.

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