Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Post-Vertical Day Roundup

Good morning everyone!

Based on everything I have heard and read Vertical Day was and continues to be a huge success for the Mike Huckabee campaign! There are over 20 new Huckabee bloggers, thousands of new visitors to the website, and an increase in donations at a very critical time (very near the end of the 3rd Quarter). Vertical Day was also a success for my blog too- I have more readers than ever before and I was a guest blogger on V-Day! Hooray!

So let's go on this special Post V-Day edition of a Huckabee Roundup-

First up is an interview Real Clear Politics had with Governor Huckabee.

Yesterday, Huckabee was in Little Rock to mark the 50th anniversary of the "Little Rock Nine" and the historic de-segregation of Central High. Mike was also there 40 years ago as Governor of Arkansas and he made this speech.

Last week, Mike Huckabee was well received at the NRA. Here's his speech. Also here are Glenn Beck's thoughts. (Thanks to Mike Huckabee '08 for sharing!)

Former Maryland Lt. Governor, Michael Steele is quite upset with "Rudy McRomneyson" for skipping out on the debate in Baltimore tomorrow. Newt agrees.

Huckabee - The Underdog On The March.

Iowa Independent chimes in on V-Day.

Huckabee and Buzz Dynamics

Please check out ktracy's coverage and videos from V-Day. They do a great job over there!

A new Fundraising challenge - $4.15 for each year you have filed taxes to the IRS for the Huckabee Campaign. I'm in!

Well tha's all the time I have for now. Thanks for reading. See ya real soon! OoO

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