Friday, September 7, 2007

Romney Thumbs His Nose To The Competition

Mitt Romney says that anyone competing against him will need to raise 20 million dollars. Is that so, "Mr. Money Bags?" Who is America going to listen to, you with K Street and Wall Street, or with someone else who actually knows how the common man experiences on a daily basis and speaks to them on their level, like Mike Huckabee (for instance). Your arrogance is unacceptable Mr. Romney!


Michigan Redneck said...

Just stopping by to say what a great blog ya got going on. I have read it many times, but I keep forgetting to put you on my blogroll. Finally I did.

Anonymous said...

Which Sounds like a Winner? “Romney/Gingrich, Romney/Thompson or Romney/Giuliani”

The National Republican Party is starting to streamline its focus towards selecting a 2008 Presidential Candidate ticket. “Romney/Gingrich, Romney/Thompson or Romney/Giuliani” ticket scenarios will all be filtered through the lens of questions like;

1. Can They Win a visual media campaign? I.e. “Can they look good on TV?”
2. Do they have any appeal to the “Low Income Non Ethnic Voter”?
3. Can they create a passion that will mobilize the “Religious Right Wing”?

My answers:

Romney/Thompson [NO]
Romney/Giuliani [NO]
Romney/Gingrich [YES]

Sen. Fred Thompson’s good old country boy southern sound has appeal but the cynical voter will see him as an actor more so than a national leader, that will be opposite the dynamic of Ronald Regan.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani seems like a nice guy but his appeal is only regional at best and he is not physically very attractive. He can raise big money but money will be a non issue for any Republican Party Nominee.

Rep. Newt Gingrich has that divisive rallying quality that can motivate the powerful Republican Party base of voters. This party needs someone with “Super Star” like qualities that will not be confused as a closet liberal.

The National Democratic Party seems to be committed to using their big money generating candidates to win the White House [Clinton/Obama in “08], with John Edwards waiting in the wings to replace Obama in the event of any missteps or negative changes in public opinion polls.

What Do YOU Think??

BDBopper said...

Honestly as an Independent I'd like to see a split ticket between Mike Huckabee and Zell Miller myself.


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