Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Perliminary Thoughts On This Debate

I am sitting here watching the Online feed of the "Values Voters Debate" Here are some thoughts as we go.

- Welcome aboard Alan Keyes. At least there's another color being represented and the Democrats cannot hold that against the GOP anymore. It is very appareant and very clear that he is a one-issue candidate. Almost every answer to a question he makes sure without a doubt that he is pro life. He is so extrememly crystal clear that he appears to be a zealot. Additionally I don't know who screams louder, Michaels Savage or Alan Keyes.

Ron Paul - Again I agree with him on most everything except his position on the War on Islamic Fascism. Like Alan Keyes, Ron Paul keeps stressing "Anti War" While he really isn't he makes himself seem like a one issue candidate.

The Debate feed keeps buffering on me at times. that's unfortunate however I do know that this is the first time these people are doing a debate. Hopefully they can fix it for the next go-around. The Speed Round is interesting but also confusing. And the buffering isn't helping my understanding here either. Someone needs to get the video of the speed round to see how confusing this is. The Candidates are confused as well.

Tancredo, Hunter, Cox, & Brownback - These people are very intelligent and I wish them the very best of luck.

It is very clear thus far that Mike Huckabee is the most-well rounded candidate and is able to give the most intelligent answers to the questions given to him.

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