Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ron Paul vs Mike Huckabee - The Winner Is.....

Good morning! I am hoping that the title of this post got your attention. In fact I am hoping that I have hundreds of new readers this morning thanks to this post.

Last night we had Debate Number 5 for the GOP presidential candidates. By far, the most exciting moment was the debate between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee on the Iraq War. I will have much more on the debate and related matters later today so please check back.

For the new readers around here I am an Independent voter. The first time I went to the ballot box in November of 2000 I proudly voted for Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne and for Democratic Senator Zell Miller. I don't vote down party lines. I vote based on the issues and the candidate.

The video that I have shared with you features the two GOP candidates that I admire and respect the most. Both Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee have the most honest and genuine opinions on the issues of the day. Neither of them will change their opinions based on polls, whatever anyone else says about them , or because the political winds change direction. There are no other candidates in the field that can claim that at all.

So who wins?

First up is the issue of the war on Terrorism by Islamic Fascists. This is where I differ with Ron Paul and agree with Mike Huckabee. I respect Congressmen Paul's answer but believe the issue in question trumps all. Thus I support Mike Huckabee.

Next is the
2nd important issue to me, the FairTax. Both candidates support the initiative (and there are others). However Mike Huckabee is the candidate that has raised the banner for the movement higher than anyone else and has given the movement much more publicity.

To the "Ron Paul Revolution", I did like Paul's answer to the question on Iran. Based on Iraq alone we have learned that a preemptive strike was a mistake. If Great Britain had bombed Nazi Germany to the stone age on August 31st, 1939 they would have gotten the same blacklash that we have, no matter how many lives would have been saved and no matter how evil Hitler was.. Israel has the ability to blow Iran to Kingdom Come tomorrow. Maybe we should just sit back, make some popcorn, and watch the fireworks from the sidelines while doing things at home against them and our other enemies in the Middle East like Mike Huckabee's challenge to become Energy Independent in 10 years.

In my book Mike Huckabee wins hands down. But there is no doubt that both Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are the most sincere, have the most integrity, and are the most eloquent candidates in either field.


cxx_guy said...

I have to disagree, I think that Paul was right on the Iraq war. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and we had no right to invade them. It's that simple. There is a reason we have a Department of Defense, and not a Department of Offense.

That said, thanks for writing an even handed article, and not resorting to the dishonest "surrender" or "traitor" rhetoric that is so popular among war supporters these days!


Hotchney Coulis said...

I'm surprised you voted for Harry Browne and are actually considering Mike Huckabee. He is a progressive. Just look at his record in Arkansas. Raised taxes, increased minimum wage, exanded government programs, etc, etc. He also supports a congressional ban on smoking in public places. Please research him before you vote. He's really a terrible choice.

BDBopper said...


I'm going to be absolutely honest with you. There is no perfect candidate on either side in this election. I am sick of the divided nation we have today. There is no one else on either side that will be able to bring us back to a United States. That is why Huckabee is my guy damn the imperfections. (excuse my language). Also, there is no other candidate that is as honest about his imperfections as well. Mike Huckabee is a ma of integrity and not a man of his party that's just going to follow a party line.

Oh and do some research yourself. The smoking ban would be only in the workplace.

Hotchney Coulis said...

There is no perfect candidate, yes. But Ron Paul is about as close to perfect as we will get. He is not running for president to run our lives and he is a brilliant thinker and humble, honest man. Huckabee will divide this nation just as Hillary will. To unite the neation we need someone who will stay out of our lives and stop all this government interference, both domestically as with foreign policy. Besides, Huckabee knows nothing of monetary policy, an extremely important issue given the state of the dollar. I'm surprised you're not casting your lot with Ron Paul, a man with a platform and not just a bunch of folksy anecdotes and no real direction for this nation. And don't tell me Huckabee does have a direction; he doesn't. He has no serious platform other than he likes "verticle" politics.


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