Monday, September 24, 2007

Thoughts on the Vertical Day Webcast!

About 45 minutes ago the Vertical Day Webcast with Mike Huckabee was completed. It was very interesting. Here are some thoughts:

- I thought this was a great way to interact. Even though I am legally blind I liked the fact that I was able to see Mike as he talked. The screen was big enough for me to see him, despite my low vision.

- After a few minutes, in fact just after Mike told us that this was the first ever live 24 Internet event being done by any political campaign (that he knows of), we lost the audio feed for two minutes! Wit this being the first webcast as well there were bugs to be worked out. There were no other issues from that point forward.

- Once the audio feed returned, An important event i nthe Campaign was discussed. For the past nine months the Huckabee campaign has been knows as an "Exploratory Committee" With so much going on on the trail the fact that a name change was in order was overlooked. So today the name has official changed to "The Mike Huckabee For President Election Committee!"

- After that he summed up the past week about the Values voter Debate and straw Poll wins there and in South Carolina. He also let us know that he will be in Baltimore, MD for another debate on Thursday night on PBS at 9 PM Eastern (and discussed how several candidates were skipping the debate and that it focused on minority issues). Huckabee guessed that those GOP candidates that are not participating fear they have no message for minorities and noted that he received 48 percent of the minority vote in his 1998 Gubernatorial election in Arkansas.

-Then questions were asked and answered. Mike will be posting the video of the webcast on his site later. I'll share this with you when that does happen.

It's going to be a busy day around here. Stay tuned and do subscribe to the RSS feed so you can keep up-to-date!

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