Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Saturday Morning Huckabee Roundup

Happy Saturday everyone!

The blgosphere is buzzing over the Thompson vs Huckabee challenge. The letter faxed over to Fred from Mike can be read and co-signed here (There are 130 signatures already and counting). More commentary and analysis can be found at A Layman's Point of View, The Swamp, On What Matters, American Elephant Blog, Heels For Huckabee, Dream_Outside_The_Circle, Westmoreland GOP Blog, Wide Awakes, North Dakota Politics, Javno, and FullosseousFlap's.

Mike Huckabe '08 shares a transcript of a call and positive conversation about Mike Huckabee on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Who knew? Huckabee is a Guitar Hero!

I'm going to be adding more blogs to the roll today, especially to the Huckabee roll. Leave me a comment if you want a link to yours whether you are for Huckabee or not.

As much as I want to I can't get out to Duluth to see Huck today. A ride wasn't possible today. I know he'll be back soon and I will see him then. Georgia For Huckabee will have the scoop on everything that went down during Huck's travels through the Atlanta Metro today.

Have a great day Y'all!

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