Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Huckabee Roundup

Good morning everyone!

It's been a busy week for me. Wednesday was my 25th Birthday and last night my party was held. the Party was at my house so I had to help clean and prepare the house for company. That's why you have not heard much from me this week.

Just as it has been a busy week for me, It's been a busy week for the Huckabee campaign and it looks like the early part of next week at least will be even busier. I know there have been new bloggers posted on the Huckbee site and I will add Y'all later today while watching football.

First of all a big grassroots push has begun. There is a website the Huckabee campaign is now using called Eventful. Supporters have the opportunity to "demand" an appearance by Mike Huckabee and some supporters are building Google maps to represent their state's amount of demands. There has been so much news of late that the blog posts on Mike Huckabee's website have buried the posts with all the links to these maps. I am sure they will appear again soon and when they do I will link to them here.

Speaking of Google Maps, as part of the end of the 3rd Quarter fundraising drive, Google Maps are also being used to represent donations to the Huckabee campaign. The end of the 3rd Quarter is September 30th. If you donate money (and Please do!) a placeholder will appear with your town on it.

The good news keeps rolling in for the Huckabee camp this week, following his triumph at the Values voters Debate, Huckabee won the Palmetto Family Council Straw Poll in South Carolina! Yesterday Mike Huckabee charmed the folks at the NRA and you can read about that here and here. Also a big endorsement may be coming from Colorado.

All week long the Huckabee campaign has bee dropping hints about "V Day" which has resulted a high level of anticipation and guessing on what "V" stands for and what could be happening on September 24th. Well we have our answer today. Also during the day they will posting guest blog posts that the campaign has selected. I am one of many bloggers who submitted a post and I hope that I have been selected but we shall see! As a Blogger for Huckabee I will be all over this on Monday and tuesday with live coverage here. I'll have more information for you very soon. Stay tuned.

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