Monday, September 17, 2007


FLASH!! Mike Huckabee wins the Values Voters Straw Poll following their debate this evening. Stay tuned more to come, including the official numbers.

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Sassy said...

I had no doubt that Mike would win the debate last night. I am still wondering why the "so called top~tier" were "missing in action"? This was a much needed debate, the questions were top notch, the answers were very eye opening! Paul looked like a nut!It scares me to think he could lead us--right into a take over, meaning some country could walk in and take us over, he doesn't want war.I don't either but I want a free US. And to remain free we have to fight for it at times. Mike is our man for President and this shows it. I just wish more folks would give to his cause!! Cause he ain't got no money! If he can do this on a shoe string --just think what he could do for America and save us money!!


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