Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Post-Debate Thoughts

Last night I had preliminary thoughts on the debate. Now that we are over 12 hours since it all went down I have some more thoughts.

1. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ON IRAQ - At least half of the debate last night and most other debates thus far has been on topics about Iraq and the War on Terror. Enough already! There has been not one question on Education. The American public wants to know much more about things like the economy, jobs, health care, things that matter to the average John Q. Public here in America. Mike Huckabee, in his call with the bloggers, let us know in no uncertain terms that he is disgruntled about the lack of questions about the homefront and what matters to us all. How about some more questions on those topics next time?

2. The winners and losers: Winners were definitely McCain, Huckabee, and Paul. All three of them were strong on their issues. Losers: Rudy yo uwere a great mayor but I don't care too much about what happens in New York City. I've never been there. That doesn't mean I don't care about the people there but I've heard enough about New York City at this point. Mitt got battered and beaten with questions and looked like a deer in headlights. Everyone else - Thanks for playing we have some nice parting gifts for you. However the biggest loser is Fred Thompson for being too yellow to show up and debate the issues with the rest of the field. Not only that but you ran your ad at the wrong time. It did not run during the debate at all you blockhead!

3. One more comment on the Ron Paul/Mike Huckabee smackdown - Huckabee's argument to Ron Paul reminds me of the argument made by Zell "Give 'em Hell" Miller at the keynote address of the 2004 GOP Convention. It is far more important to do what is right for our country instead of what is politically expedient for you or your party. Right on Mike! Speaking of Zell I wonder if he was watching. Man I would love to hear he supports Mike. That would make me so happy!

4. I think I'm going to sleep well tonight. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Why? the debate got me all ramped up. Maybe i should take a nap.

Well next up this afternoon is a Roundup of Post-Debate analysis and smack talk. Stay tuned...

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