Friday, January 11, 2008

This Afternoon's Blogger's Call

I just got off the phone from a Blogger's Call with Mike Huckabee. The Governor is in Michigan today. He just spoke to the Detroit Economic Club. He had a little extra time between his speech there and a campaign stop later this afternoon. As a big music fan I was impressed that he got an opportunity to visit Hitsville, USA, and the original Motown Recording Studios. A lot of great music was recorded there. As I am, Mike is a music fanatic and I know he must be blessed to visit those hallowed halls.

The great news from a Georgia Perspective is that for the past few days Mike has been joined by my Representative in the House, John Linder (R GA-7), the sponsor of HR 25 "The FairTax Bill" In fact John was sitting right next to Mike on the bus. That answered my question right away. I knew that Mike had been endorsed by Rep. Linder but I hadn't seen anything official from the national campaign on that. Well I am very pleased to see Linder active in the campaign!

Mike did not have much time for questions. When I do see a synopsis by One Mom or someone else I will post it in this spot.

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