Monday, January 28, 2008

1976 - Are We About to Make the Same Mistake Again?

An open letter to Republicans and Conservatives everywhere

In 1976 you failed to realize that the best person suited for the job as president was Ronald Reagan until it was too late. the price for your mistake was a suffering nation during the Carter administration.

In 2008 you have the ability to redeem yourself. The next Ronald Reagan is under your nose and his name is Mike Huckabee. Like Reagan he is seen as a threat by the establishment (which you might be apart of for all i know). Why is that? Well Mike Huckabee, like Reagan wanted to unite the country again and do so by bringing more than just Republicans into the fold. Every ideal of a Conservative Mike Huckabee stands for but he also wants to bring change so that every American benefits, not just the Republican party.

Are you really willing to go 4 years under Clinton or Obama cause that is going to be our fate if you keep this up. Our nation deserves better. I have no doubts that a Clinton or Obama administration will be much worse than Carter's for all of us! You're about to chop off your nose to spite your face yet again like you are a glutton for punishment. I figure you would have learned the lesson the first time.

By the looks of it right now you'll probably realize all this at the convention in St. Paul in September and by that time it will be too late to change course. And I'll be the first the say "I told you so." However I won't be laughing. I won't have any fun saying it. In fact I'll be in tears. I won't be crying for myself but for the nation I love so dearly. We will suffer much under Clinton or Obama. At least I will be able to say that I stood for what was right and I stool up to be counted and made the right choice and will do so again if we have a chance to redeem ourselves.

IF is a key word there.

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