Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEW GOAL - $1 Million by Monday

Newest goal is to raise $1 Million more online for the campaign by next Monday (Feb. 4th). There are a couple of neat supporter initiatives starting up.

First on Friday is "Max Out For Mike" day. Huck's Army describes it as such:

Huck's Army Recruits,

Today, we launched a new fundraising drive called ‘Max Out For Mike!’, scheduled for this Friday, February 1st. It
has already been a featured on the official campaign website and endorsed
by the leadership of Huck's Army.

Our goal is to have a record-breaking fundraising day resulting in positive
free press for Mike in the days leading up to Super Tuesday! More than
anything right now, Mike needs funds to compete in multiple states. In a
few short hours, we’ve already received nearly 200 pledges!


In order to stand with HucksArmy, you must use Donor Code 160 when
contributing. You can even click your own Ranger link first and then enter
Donor Code 160 on the form itself -- this way you can still contribute as a
member of Huck's Army as well as get credit on your Ranger account.

You can also help by doing the following:
* Contact all your friends and family and ask them to donate
* Spread the word among your meet-up group
* Post the ‘Max Out For Mike!’ banner on your blog
* Promote through Facebook and Myspace

Will you join us in supporting Governor Huckabee at this critical time in
the campaign? We appreciate that many of you may have already maxed out. If
so, please do all you can to raise awareness of this important fundraiser.
Will you be the somebody? Will you do the something to propel Mike to
victory on Super Tuesday?


Do Hard Things,

The Huck's Army Team

There is also a fundraising initiative that is connected to the Super Bowl - The Huckabowl!

Goal To Raise One Million Dollars on Super Bowl Sunday!

It's time for Americans to make Super bowl party plans and include Huckabowl
Party dynamic by inviting family and friends to share your support for Mike
Huckabee. Flyers for invites, trivia and creative interactive fund raising
ideas will be at the site crafted for this event.

ATTENTION Huckabee leaders and members please do all you can to
have a fun Super Bowl Party that includes Huckabowl fund raising. will also feature a "Huckabowl YouTube Ad Contest" for
Huckabee supporters. Submit your own Super Huckabowl ad by Sunday
February 3rd to be eligible. Each television Super Bowl ad this year will
cost 2.7 million dollars for 30 seconds. This is the chance for Huckabee
fans to flood YouTube with Huckabowl Ads as part of a nationwide
grassroots effort to spread the word about Mike Huckabee to America.

Ron Paul supporters raised six million dollars in one day last December and
it seems that was the most press he has garnished to date. Now is the time
for Huckabee supporters to take the challenge to help raise one million
dollars on Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully it will be a tremendous financial
boost before Super Tuesday.


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