Saturday, January 19, 2008

I think We Are In For A Long Night!

Good evening folks!

I suppose we are in for a long night of watching, waiting, hoping, and praying. What will the outcome be? McCain or Huckabee? It appears too close to call at this point. There are exit polls if you want to go see them. Go look them up yourself. I don't like them and are opposed to them being released to the public (even trends). Exit polls/trends being released to the public before polls close suppresses turnout.

Two big factors today. What did the weather do to turnout? What will the result out of the Lowcountry be where they were having problems with voting machines (and they ran out of the few paper ballots they did have on hand). That last question alone leads me to think we are in for a longer night of watching than we originally thought because it is going to take longer to count ballots.

We've got two hours left gang. If you haven't been's high time to get on your knees. We need South Carolina and badly. We've worked very hard. I hope it all pays off tonight!

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