Friday, January 25, 2008

Alaska & Arizona RTL Endorse Mike Huckabee!

With Fred Thompson's exit from the race (whom National Right to Life) had endorsed the state organizations are starting to coalesce around Mike Huckabee!

Yesterday Arizona RTL issued this statement:

Arizona Right to Life PAC Acknowledges Huckabee as Strongest Pro-Life Candidate

Statement released today from AZRTL PAC: Arizona Right to Life PAC Acknowledges Presidential Candidate Huckabee as Strongest Pro-Life Advocate With Arizona’s presidential primary approaching on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5, the Arizona Right to Life PAC is very pleased to acknowledge former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee as the strongest advocate for our cause among the pro-life candidates. His continued devotion to restoring our nation’s respect and protection for life is evident in both his words and his actions. As the parties work to complete their nomination process and select their respective candidates, the Arizona Right to Life PAC will work diligently in support of the candidate who best represents our ongoing mission to respect life at all its stages.
Alaska Right To Life has also followed suit:

"It was just after 5:00 pm on January 17th, during the AKRTL
monthly meeting, when a call came in from presidential candidate,
Mike Huckabee. His flight had been delayed, so Mr.
Huckabee was able to converse with the Board and summarized
his pro-life philosophies. He also answered several questions or
concerns that many board members posed.
After much debate and many opinions being expressed, the
majority of the directors for Alaska Right to Life came to the
decision to back Governor Mike Huckabee for President. The
Board determined that Governor Huckabee believes strongly in
the sanctity of human life, and will further the pro-life agenda,
which is to defend and protect innocent human life from the moment
of conception until natural end of life. It’s vital that Alaskans
with this belief be involved with the political process."

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