Monday, January 28, 2008

Reality Alert Election Forum in Califonia Endorses Mike Huckabee!

Great news! The Reality Alert Election Forum in California has endorsed Mike Huckabee for President! I just got this E-mail a few hours ago:

Reality Alert/Election Forum
January 28, 2008

Dear Brian,

I wanted to let you know that election recommendations from a Christian worldview are now up on the Election Forum website. The recommendations address the Presidential election, local races and tricky initiatives on the ballot this year.

You will shortly receive the next issue of Reality Alert that explains our reasons for endorsing Mike Huckabee over Romney, Paul, McCain and Giuliani. There are no recommendations for Democrats. You can see why by reading our voter guide.

This election is critical for Christian voters. If for no other reason than upcoming Supreme Court judicial appointments, you should be informed and vote. Judicial activists want to destroy traditional marriage, religious freedoms, individual liberty and economic prosperity by legislating from the bench.

But also at stake are our religious liberties, the direction of the economy and the future of the war on terror.

Help us let Christians know how to vote to prevent those who could be destructive to our society from gaining more power.

Click here to visit the Election Forum website so you can access all of our recommendations and the reasons why.

Here is how you can help:
  • Visit our website by clicking here and copy or print the recommendations.

  • Give the recommendations to your church group or Bible study group and tell them to visit

  • Pass the printed information out after your church service to church members and leaders.

  • Access the voter guide by clicking here. Then post the guide in church buildings and on bulletin boards. Click here for the guide.

  • Email the link to friends on your email list.

  • Send the printout or link to family members.

  • Insert the information in church newsletters.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word.


Craig A. Huey

Craig A. Huey
Reality Alert/Election Forum
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Liberty (2 Cor. 3:17)
21171 S. Western Ave., Suite 260
Torrance, CA 90501

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