Sunday, January 27, 2008

three big Questions

Good morning!

there are three bg questions on Tuesday in regards to Mike Huckabee's chances at a good finish.

1. How are the early voting tallies? Voting in Florida began in December when Mike's poll numbers were much higher and he was leading in some polls. If Mike got a bunch of votes then we might be in for a surprise

2. What about the Panhandle? As you saw in an earlier post Northern Florida is more like Georgia politically. Huck's numbers are way up there in Georgia. Will Mike be able to carry this half of the state?

3. What about the Cuban American Voting Bloc? Out of all the GOP candidates none of them has been more outspoken than Huckabee about the issues that matter most to the Cuban-Americans. In fact he has support from them in the Florida legislature. Mike also shined in the Spanish Univision debate back in December. He has also spent a lot of time courting them this week. Can Huck carry this crucial voting bloc?

if the answer is yes to any of these questions than I think we have a shot at shocking the pundits on Tuesday.

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