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Mike Huckabee Performs Well During Lackluster NBC Debate

January 24, 2008

Lucas Roebuck
Public Affairs,

Pundits, supporters give Huckabee praise for Florida performance

BOCA RATON, Fla. — While NBC’s Brian Williams and Tim Russert’s moderation of the GOP debate in Florida was lackluster, Gov. Mike Huckabee was still able to shine, demonstrating his clear communication skills to push for a better tax system and a strong defense of the Second Amendment.

On MSNBC, Tucker Carlson said Huckabee did surprisingly well and had the strongest performance of the evening.

At the National Review blogs, Jim Geraghty and Jonah Goldberg made these Live Blog Comments:

Jim Geraghty
Huckabee makes a fair and effective jab at everyone else on stage, noting that when CNBC hosted a debate in Detroit — back when Fred Thompson was a new candidate! — all of the candidates said the economy was doing well. ... The best exchange of the night deals with Huckabee and a Chuck Norris comment that McCain was too old to be president.

Jonah Goldberg
I hate to say it, but for politics — and to a certain extent policy — (Mike Huckabee’s answer about the proposed stimulus package) was the best one. The $300 rebate thing is largely stupid as far as I'm concerned. But if we're going to spend $150 billion, building more highways seems like a better way to go. The China jabs were just smart politics.

Also this from NBC’s Carrie Dann
Huckabee calling Romney out on the Second Amendment is smart Florida politics. They're fighting over many of the same voters in rural parts of northern Florida and the panhandle, many of whom are hunters and strong gun-rights advocates.

On the message boards at, the troops were excited about Huckabee’s positive performance. The posters were particularly impressed with Huckabee’s handling of moderator Tim Russert’s attempt to enforce conventional wisdom.
“ Good for Huck to shut down Russert in the pessimistic attitude of unlikely tax reformation. It's about time Huck shut him up so he can show his optimism, and that we CAN do it, if we want to,” wrote one poster. “I am sick of everyone saying, ‘We can't,’ ‘It's unlikely,’ ‘It'll never work.’”
Huckabee supporters at also praised the governor for his support of the fair tax.
“ I think Mike's Fair Tax commercial is the key point tonight. I think it is likely to have the greatest effect on polling relative to the other issue based answers tonight,” explained one recruit. “From what I gather, Florida has a significant FairTax grassroots effort. Think Iowa Straw Poll, except everyone will be voting for Huckabee instead of splitting their vote amongst various candidates.”

“Mike Huckabee reached a broad conservative audience tonight,” said Lucas Roebuck, public affairs officer for “His comments on the right to bear arms, a fair tax system, strengthening the economy and being grounded by a foundation of faith are core conservative values that will resonate with Republican voters.”

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