Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chicago Daily Herald: ""Huckabee Could Unite All of Us"

The following is an Op-Ed piece in Today's Chicago Daily Herald:

Huckabee can unite all of us

The press has all but written off the fellow who lost the 2008 South Carolina Republican primary by a mere 7,200 vote swing.

No doubt a SC win would have made Mike Huckabee a clear front-runner, yet he remains a strong second place candidate in national polls.

This thing is far from over! As candidates such as Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter and perhaps Ron Paul drop out of the race, this should ultimately boost support for Huckabee.

To date, Huckabee's candidate Web site has more hits than virtually any other presidential candidate -- Republican or Democrat. He is developing a grass-roots organization that is formed around more than just the evangelical vote.

As governor of Arkansas, Huckabee worked to keep a balanced budget and, in fact, created a surplus. When he left office, there was nearly an $850 million surplus.

As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee had over 60 percent approval rating after 10 years in office and is a testament to his accomplishments: protecting and providing opportunities for children, health care reform, spending reforms, elimination of capital gains tax, welfare enrollment was halved.

A 60 percent approval rating by a Republican in a Democrat state is just amazing! If given half the chance, Mr. Huckabee can be a uniter who can bring together both Republicans and Democrats to accomplish change.

If America is to remain strong, we need to stop our microwave polls of who's on top from one week to the next and quit the ideological rhetoric that finds no answer to the problems of our day.

Huckabee is more than just an evangelical vote-getter. He is an accomplished politician with the ability to get both sides of the aisle to work together to balance budgets and create real reform. It's why I Like Mike for President!

Paul Sori

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