Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mike Huckabee - Let's Get It Started!

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

We are getting lots of emails asking what can be done to help. Thank you for your support! It was these emails and the outpouring of support on our campaign website's blog that helped us get pumped up yesterday for the days ahead.

Today I am asking you to make an immediate contribution of $25 or more to help us prepare for the Florida primary and the Super Tuesday primaries. After you make a contribution, please sign up for the Huckabee Rangers.

In the past we used the Rangers to raise money for our campaign in small increments and they have done just that. Thanks to the commitment of our Rangers, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised from new donors to our campaign. We have more work to do. Today and tomorrow we will be asking our Rangers to begin making phone calls for our campaign. Initially into Florida and then into the Super Tuesday states. I am hoping you will help us make these calls.

But first, I ask that you make a contribution of $25 or more immediately. Our hope is that in the next 48 hours thousands of individuals will renew their support to our campaign with an immediate contribution. We are busy planning our television advertising for Florida and the Super Tuesday states and we need to be able to gauge our resources. We are cutting expenses to make more dollars available for voter outreach and advertising but we need to dramatically boost our resources over the next 48 hours.

Will you renew your support to our campaign with a contribution of $25 or more? We are counting on your support.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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