Sunday, January 20, 2008


Doesn't that feel better? After that blues classic I sure do. Now time to move on and move forward!

Let's look at the big picture. It's time to see the forest from the trees. let's step back.. This is by far the darkest day of the Campaign but we have seen dark days before. October 1st was a dark day. That was the day after the end of the 3rd fundraising quarter. The numbers were not good and we took a kick in the pants. However we took that kick in the pants and used that to charge forward with a full head of steam. We've taken another kick in the pants today and there is no reason why we can't turn it into positive fuel and charge ahead again. Let's look at what has occurred so far

Mike Huckabee won Iowa. McCain won New Hampshire but couldn't turn that into a win in Michigan. Romney couldn't turn his win into any success in South Carolina. All indication is that McCain won't be able to turn his South Carolina win into a win in Florida either. He is now Enemy Numero Uno for the establishment. They seem McCain as an even bigger threat than Huckabee is. Everyone will be gunning for him in the next ten days. Huck is now off the radar screen.

Speaking of Florida this is Rudy's last stand. His strategy has always been to take a win in Florida onto Super Tuesday and turn it into the nomination. Someone else also has this strategy now and should relish the opportunity. That is Mike Huckabee! And guess what? Mike has more viability and more delegates now than Rudy does. He's had more success and has gone farther than Rudy has. If there is anyone that can take a Florida win onto Super Tuesday it is Huck!

What we have is a battle for delegates. It is appearing more likely that we are headed for a fight at the convention (but even the Dems are showing signs of that with Hillary's win in the popular vote but Obama's delegate win from Nevada yesterday). The delegate count:

1. Romney - 66
2. McCain - 38
3. Huckabee - 26

It appears to me that there is a battle in Florida in which there will be two winners. Giuliani vs McCain and Romney vs Huckabee. The winners of those contests will win the majority of delegates on Super Tuesday. It's very clear that all four will win delegates on February 5th but those two contests in Florida will decide who wins the most. Rudy/John and Mitt/Mike are battles in which the two will fight over the same voters.

So let's get some rest today and enjoy the Virtual BBQ with Chuck Norris (and football games after that). We've worked hard. We have lots to be proud of. After that we have 9 days. It's time to refuel and then regroup. We still have lots to fight for.

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Al said...

You are correct BD.

I am a member of Huck's Army. I am a soldier on the frontline's fighting against the lies and misrepresentations of Mike's opponents. I will never give up. I will never surrender. I will fight to the end.


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