Friday, January 25, 2008

Huckabee: "Raul Castro Should Be Indicted For Murder"

The following appeared in a blog on the Fox News website:

Miami, FL-

After speaking to the Latin Builders Association, Mike Huckabee was asked about Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and his heir apparent, brother Raul Castro. Specifically, a reporter asked, what would be Huckabee’s approach to Raul? Huckabee responded that Raul Castro would not be much different than Fidel, and further, Raul, Huckabee said, should be indicted for murder for his involvement in the Cuban Air Force downing of 2 aircrafts operated by a Cuban-American, pro-Democracy organization in 1996, over international waters. Brothers to the Rescue, or “Hermanos al Rescate” the Miami-based activist organization that manned the civilian aircraft was formed by Cuban exiles. The group describes itself as a humanitarian foundation aiming to assist and rescue raft refugees who leave Cuba looking for a better life in the United States.

“The sad thing is that Raul is not going to be much better than his brother Fidel. And especially, if you look at Raul’s personal involvement in the shooting down of the aircraft operated by ‘Brothers to the Rescue’, ” Huckabee said.” That was sheer murder, I personally would like to see Raul Castro indicted for that murder.I think that to shoot down a civilian aircraft, unarmed, over international waters is an act of not just aggression, its an act of murder. And we shouldn’t be all that happy if Raul becomes the new dictator.”

Fidel Castro is a hated figure among the majority of the Cuban-American community here in Southern Florida, many of whom are a generation or two removed from the group of Cubans kicked out of their country by Castro when he came to power, after his Communist revolution, in 1959.
I think that this needs to be circulated all over the net AND NOW!!! You might be asking why this is important. Well here's why. In Florida GOP Politics one of the most influential and largest voting blocs are the Cuban-Americans. the are conservative and vote Republican in droves as they still blame the Democrats for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion forty years ago. Without their votes Bush would have never won the election in 2000 or 2004. They must know that the candidate that supports their important issues the most is Mike Huckabee

SO SPREAD THE WORD AND SHOUT IT TO THE HEAVENS FOLKS!! If the Cuban voting bloc coalesces around Huckabee we might have a shot at carrying the state of Florida.

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