Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Predictions With 7 Hours To Go Until Caucus Time

Okay. It is put up or shut up time. I am going to make my predictions for tonights Caucuses. I will start with the Dems

This is a three horse race between Obama, Edwards, and Clinton. What will really decide this thing is who the supporters of the 2nd tier cast their ballots for. On the Democraic side if you don't get 15 percent of the room you have to vote elsewhere. The 2nd choice for these people seems to be Edwards. Will he get enough to win. I'm not sure. My prediction doesn't bode well for Senator Clinton though. I think it will be 1. Obama 2. Edwards 3. Clinton. this will doom her candidacy.

Now to the GOP side. The Iowa GOP predicts a turnout of 80,000 I think it will be higher. The Huckabee and Ron Paul people are quite passionate and will turnout in great numbers for their candidate. the higher the turnout the worse Mitt Romney will be. I predict the turnout will be at least 100,000. Here is my GOP prediction:

1. Huckabee
2. Romney
3. Paul
4. McCain
5. Thompson
6. Guiliani
7. Hunter
8. Keyes
9. Cox

Everyone below 5 except for Rudy and Hunter will drop out.

So how will I do? We'll see how it all pans out tonight. It's time to pray hard Huckabelievers!

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