Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mike Huckabee Comments On 3rd Place Finish in New Hampshire

Governor Mike Huckabee sent this message to his supporters as a comment on his 3rd place finish in New Hampshire:

I just finished speaking to our supporters in New Hampshire before heading off to South Carolina. We are running a strong third place finish as I write, our rivals had a long history in New Hampshire, deeper organizations and millions of dollars of advertising in the state. Just weeks ago we were polling 5th and 6th in the state. Tonight we finished strong and came in third. A special thanks to the people of New Hampshire! Thank you to the volunteers on the ground and our dedicated campaign staff that made this happen.

Our ideas are resonating: our strong support for life and marriage, securing our borders, preventative health care, energy independence and massive tax reform all helped propel us here.

Lets keep it going. Important primaries in Michigan, South Carolina and Florida are ahead of us and we must be prepared.

Tonight I ask you to do three things to help us build on our momentum:

1. Make an immediate contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100, or $500 tonight. We have proven tonight that we can continue to compete, and that we know how to effectively invest your contribution. Will you make a contribution tonight and show the world, the pundits and voters across this country that we have the momentum and it is sweeping us onward.

2. Share the success story of our campaign with friends and family. If there are friends or neighbors that doubted our campaign, or are undecided, please encourage them to visit our website tonight, tomorrow and over the next few days and learn more.

3. Consider becoming more involved in our campaign: Volunteer, Join a Meetup or start a Grassroots Meetup Team, Join our Myspace group, our Facebook group and our LinkedIn group.

Three ways to help us keep the momentum going: contribute, share the news and become more involved.

Again, I cannot adequately express my profound thanks to you. When people ask you tonight and tomorrow why you think we did so well in a state where only weeks ago we were polling 5th and 6th, please tell them because we believed in some important ideas and we stand by those ideas, and we do so together.

We are less than $250,000 from our goal, lets knock this out of the park.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckbee

PS We have launched new online headquarters in Florida, South Carolina and Michigan. If you live in these states, I encourage you to get involved.

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