Friday, January 4, 2008

Great commentary by Michael Medved

Talk show host, Micahel Medved has a thoughtful and extensive analysis post on Iowa's results last night. You can read it HERE My favorite part was this:

I believe he won in part due to the fact that he came across as the sunniest, most likeable, least angry candidate in the bunch. Obama’s victory also indicates that voters didn’t buy anger, rage, indignation – they preferred the most positive, uplifting, cheerful of the candidates. In the Snow White Caucuses (yeah, Iowa’s covered with snow) the voters turned away from dwarves like Grumpy (Tom Tancredo), Sleepy (Fred Thompson), Doc (Ron Paul), Dopey (Sam Brownback) and Krazee (Alan Keyes ….all right, I know “Krazee” wasn’t one of the original dwarves but the Keyes-ster deserves an entirely new category). Meanwhile, Huckabee may not exactly be Prince Charming, but he’s charming and funny and cheerful enough.
I also like this passage:

Huckabee earned his victory by piling up big margins among women, the poor, and the young.

And where, demographically, have Republicans faced horrible problems in the recent past (particulary 2006)? We’ve lost by giving our opponents huge margins among…. women, the poor, and the young.

The obvious conclusion is that party leaders need to give special respect and attention to a Republican with special appeal to three key groups that normally reject the GOP --- taking a second look at Huckabee for his ability to win women, the poor and the young.

Go read the rest of it. It's fascinating!

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