Thursday, January 10, 2008


Attention Mike Huckabee Supporters,

As I type this post, we're less than 7 hours away from the online
fundraising goal set at and still have over $100,000 to
raise in order to meet that goal.

In order for Governor Huckabee to defend his record against attacks from
his opponends on the left and right, we must crack open our piggy banks and
support him financially.

Please make an immediate contribution to the Huckabee campaign:

Don't forget to use donor code 160!

Without our financial support, Governor Huckabee will be helpless in
defending himself against the rich elitests in Washington who are desperate
to see him become a one-state-wonder.

We know that Governor Huckabee isn't just the lesser of all evils but is
the absolute best choice we could ask for in a President for our country.

Imagine how the media and our opponents will snicker at us if we don't meet
this modest goal on time. Please don't delay. Act now.

Support Governor Huckabee and fund his campaign so we can make a serious
stand in the battleground states of Michigan, South Carolina, & Florida.

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