Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today Is Primary Day in Georgia

Good Morning

Today is Primary Day in Georgia, thank God!  All the political junk in my mailbox is going to go away for a few months.  Bleh!  Anywho I hope that all my fellow Peach State readers will do their civic duty and go vote today.  In Gwinnett County on the Republican primary ballot is a State FairTax straw poll question.  If your county has a similar one please vote yes!  

Also if you are reading my blog in the 12th Congressional District, please go out and vote for Ray McKinney.  He is just the kind of Republican we need to win back that seat.  Click HERE for my endorsement of Ray back in April.  Go Ray Go!  :)  


ecwoodrow said...

Here are the results of the poll question:

Would you support repealing all of the State of Georgia’s personal and corporate income taxes in favor of a Consumption Tax as outlined for the federal government in the Fair Tax Act of 2007, HR 25?

YES 81.48%
No 18.52%

That's a great response! Though, I think the question was only on the ballot in GA-12. We didn't have it in the GA-10.

BDBopper said...

I don't know if it was a question anywhere else but it was asjed in Gwinnet. I actually live in the 7th District. District 12 is in Southeast Georgia.

BDBopper said...

Yeah I do. He went down in defeat unfortunately. I'll share the totals in a bit. He did well considering he was up against big money. I wish I was living in the 12th District so I could have helped him out much more than I did.


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