Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Could Not Be More Proud to Be An American!

Today is the Fourth of July and we celebrate the 232nd Birthday of the United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth!  No matter how you celebrate this Holiday Weekend I hope and pray that it is a safe one for you.  Don't blow yourself up with fireworks, get burned via the grill or sparks, and don't drink and drive - You can do one or the other (just not both).  

However before the parades, fireworks, food, & fun I would like to pause.  First of all let us take time to be thankful to God for blessing us with such a wonderful place to live.  Also let us not forget all of our brave men and women who will not be celebrating this weekend as they serve to make sure we can celebrate the freedom they protect.  Our freedom is not free and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for it.  We owe each and every man and woman who has served our country (In Peace & War) a debt of gratitude of which I cannot repay adequately. 

At this time of year I am always proud to be an American but I am especially proud today.  We may have our faults but in the past year I have realized that WE THE PEOPLE have the power to correct those faults.   All we have to do is get involved and get off the sidelines.  I have seen Democracy in action as an active participant in the process as a volunteer and blogger for Mike Huckabee's Presidential campaign.  Though my experiences I have  learned first-hand that even the smallest voice can be heard and can make a difference and can leave its message recorded for the history books.  All you have to do is stand up and be counted and stand by your principles.  

I am also proud of the progress we have made in our nation.  We are in the middle of the most diverse Presidential election cycle in our nation's history.  The process has included an African-American Senator, a female Senator, a Hispanic Governor, a Mormon Governor, and a Governor who was once a Baptist Minister.  In the past our prejudices against women, those of different colors, races, and religions would have prevented all of these  people from even trying to realize the American Dream of being President and leading our nation.  We have shown the world that we can now look past a person's gender, race, or religious background and find our potential leaders.  Not only that but in a very heated cycle we have been free as people to have our disagreements without chaos or mass violence and no matter who wins in November the transfer of power will be done in peace and dignity.    There are not many countries that can say the same thing.  We are truly blessed! 

So let us rise as one to be proud today.  I know the economy is in a downturn and there may be even darker storm clouds on the horizon but we definitely have much to celebrate regardless!  So strike up the band, fly those flags proudly, and let the fireworks explode.  Happy Birthday America!   

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