Friday, July 11, 2008

RNC Platform Committee Opens the Floor To America!

In my wildest imagination I did not expect this at all.  The Republican National Convention Platform Committee has launched an interactive website today allowing Every American to have their say on the issues and suggest what the GOP platform should be for the next 4 years,  You can go visit that site HERE.  I encourage you to have your say and let your voice be heard.  I definitely plan on writing a ton of recommendations there in the coming days and weeks.  

A big thumbs up to the GOP!  If either of the major parties were going to do this I would have expected the Democrats to do it.  while the Republicans will probably not adopt much of what the American people desire into their platform they are showing their ability to listen to the heartbeat of our Nation.  There is hope yet for the Republican Party and while things may not go well in 2008 there is definitely hope for the future!   

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