Friday, July 25, 2008

RIP Randy Pausch - Last Lecture Professior

The world has just lost a fantastic inspiration today.  Randy Pausch, who is famous for his "Last Lecture" has finally succombed to the terminal pancreatic cancer which inspired his lecture (and the insuing best-selling book) this morning at his home in Virginia.  Randy has and will always be an inspiration to millions with his indomitable spirit and fantastic attitude despite facing uncureable cancer.  His famous lecture is embedded below.  If you have an hour this weekend I hope you will watch and listen.  Another reason this lecture is close to my heart is because it has a Disney connection.

While we are at it I'd like to share a shorter, but similiarly inspiring speech.  Former NC State basketball coach Jim Valvano was battling cancer in 1993 and was presented with an award for his courage.  As he accepted the award he gave a fantastic and inspiring speech. Jimmy V, who "Never Gave Up" would pass away a month later. 

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