Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HUCKPAC'S VERTICAL DAY - "Marriage Is Under Assault"

Over at HuckPAC, Vertical Day is still going strong!  The next guest blogger is the GOP Candidate for State Treasurer in Missouri, Brad Lager.  His post is about Marriage & The Family:  

The last year has been one of transition for the Lager family. My wife
Stephanie and I were blessed with our first child in the fall, Addison

Addison is a sweetheart, a very good-natured little girl and her
presence has truly reaffirmed and strengthened my belief that we must
defend the traditional family. Marriage and the family unit are under
assault in America today.

The courts, from Massachusetts to California, are working to redefine
marriage out of existence. Our government is spending too much, making
it harder for families to afford the necessities, like gas and food, and
burdening our children with debt. In an era of tremendous
challenges-from international terrorism, to a weakening economy, to
skyrocketing oil prices- we need to make sure we get the fundamentals

We must begin by strengthening the family, not tearing it down.

The November election will be a defining election for our children's
future. Let us not forget who we are fighting for.

Brad Lager from Missouri, is a candidate for State Treasurer.  You can learn more about his campaign here.

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