Friday, July 18, 2008

Cindye Coates For Georgia State House!!

I am very proud to make another endorsement this afternoon. Cindye Coates is running for the Georgia State House in District 37. the district is in Cobb County. I live in Gwinnett County (to the East). She is running against the cousin of Former Governor Roy Barnes this November. That should do it right there. We don't need any more Barnes' anywhere near the Gold Dome!

Followers of Mike Huckabee's Presidential Campaign will recognize her slogan (as it was his during his 2008 Presidential run) Faith, Family, & Freedom
! This is as it should be because Cindye served alongside me as a volunteer for his campaign through Meetup. We also both serve as advocates for the FairTax. We also are alike in that we serve our communities by volunteering for causes and worthwhile organizations that are close to our hearts.

So why do I think Cindye Coates would make a great State Rep? She will stand firm on the issues that are right. She will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. She will fight to reform the health care system with tax credits to allow us to choose what kind of care we want. Cindye will fight for the right of Georgia parents to choose how to educate their children, She will also fight to keep our waters clean and our land green because (just as Mike Huckabee believes) God has blessed us with our planet and it is a sin to abuse it.

That is just the top of the iceberg. You can find out more about Cindye at her new campaign website. I urge all the people in Cobb County and especially in GA House District 37 to visit the above website. It is my hope that you will come to the same conclusion that I have.

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