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I have made an executive decision.  For the last three and a half hours of Vertical Day I am going to Live Blog it.  I have not blogged this much since Super Tuesday and my eyes are starting to hit the wall.  I will give links to the posts but not the posts themselves.  Sorry for that but it is either this or I will not be able to finish my pledged obligation to Governor Huckabee. 

I am behind so the time stamps will start before I am actually typing this.  HERE WE GO!!! 

8:01 PM - Missouri Congressman Sam Graves is back with another post.  This time he writes about protecting Marriage

8:23 PM -  Next up is another published idea from a fellow supporter.  We go out to California to hear energy ideas from Joshua Love from Berkley.  

8:39 PM - Phew!  If you think I am exhausted I don't even want to know how tired Chris, the webmaster is after this is all over!  Kudos dude.  You are working overtime! 

9:00 PM - GOP Candidate in the 2nd' Congressional District of Indiana, Luke Puckett checks in again with a post on why he is Pro-life. 

9:15 PM - Texas Senator "Big John" Cornyn is back with another post.  John's latest post is on the current Energy crisis and the bottleneck in Congress.  

9:20 PM - Need to take a time out for a few minutes to rest my fingers and eyes.  I am also getting a nice cold drink of water.  I'll post what I miss with the proper time stamp even though I will likely not post them at the same time.  

9:35 PM - Tennessee Senator, Lamar Alexander returns with another fantastic post.  this time he opines about the 2nd Amendment.  Great post Senator!  

9:50 PM - Sam Graves is back again.  This time he discusses the need for the United States to be the strongest force for freedom in the world.   

10:08 PM - Thanks to Governor Huckabee's Twitter Account for the plug.  Are you on Twitter?  Mike is!  Why don't you follow him?  You can also follow me as well!  :)

10:17 PM -  From Mike's homes state of Arkansas, State Senator Gilbert Baker (District 30) is our next blogger!  check out his post, "God's Gift of Life"

10:41 PM - Oklahoma's Senior Senator, Jim Inhofe has returned.  this go around he blogs the old fashioned way.  Jim writes and tells us that the 2nd Amendment is "The Very Essance of Freedom!"  I could not agree more!   

10:51 PM -Roy Brown is running as the Republican candidate for Governor in Montana.  As we head towards the final hour of Vertical Day, Roy is our latest guest blogger.  Go check out his post, "The fight For Values Continues"  Very well said!  Montana could use a fantastic governor like you.  

11:05 PM -  We are now in the final hour of Vertical Day.  Wow this has been fun!  I hope that after a whole new batch of candidates are endorsed by HuckPAC, that we can do this again very soon.  Yes it is tiring to blog all day long but the cause is great and I'm all for it.  Let's do it again Huck!   

11:20 PM:  Bob Clegg, from New Hampshire (he was Huckabee's campaign chair in the Granite State), checks in one more time.  His latest post is about health care reform.  

11:32 PM - We haven't heard an idea from a supporter in awhile.  UNTIL NOW!  The latest supporter ideas is sent in by Eddie Harper.  Mr. Harper writes about his ideas on the current energy situation.  

11:44 PM - Here's another Supporter idea.  This time we hear an idea on how we can controll spedning.  The contributer is Michael Kandoll from Pikeville, NC.  Great post Mike!  Way to go!  

11:54 PM - The procedings were kicked off by Senator Lamar Alexander and I think he has the final word as far as candidates go (I could be wrong).  In his final Vertical Day post, Alexander calls for a "New Manhattan Project" om prder for the United States to become completely energy Independent.  I'm all for that!  

MIDNIGHT - HuckPAC's Vertical Day is now over but before I finish I want to share with you the final blog post by Governor Mike Huckabee.  

I had decided earlier this week to conclude Vertical Day with a blog post rallying conservatives to come off the sidelines and join the fight for our ideas.
That was until I received this email today. It's a story that I want to share with you, so you may hear from a voice more powerful than my own this evening:

Thank you for caring about us...the people. Thank you for all that you are doing for the people...
...We were already just barely making it, and now that the cost of living and gas prices are so high, we are not making it to the next paycheck, and if we do, we are spread very thin. In fact, this month, some unexpected costs came up causing us to be short. My husband is a minister and gets paid once a month. The church does reimburse him for 50 dollars in gas expenses, but it's not anywhere near enough for what he is spending considering he makes several trips to Abilene a week for hospital visits, bringing people to the doctor, giving people rides to work, taking people to AA meetings, toting kids around, etc. You know what it's about because you have been there. We live twenty minutes from Abilene, so the cost of gas is killing our pocket book.

...The point of this email is that we are hurting, and if Congress doesn't do something soon, we lower middle class people are going to end up as charity cases. We are doing everything in our power not to have to go that route, and besides that, our income probably falls right above the foodstamps income line, so we wouldn't qualify anyway. I'm not saying I want to be on welfare. Not at all. But I feel we are being forced in that direction if something isn't done soon.
Again, thank you so much for what you are doing. I'm glad that people like Senator John Cornyn are helping you. I'm glad that we, the people, can count on you and some others to fight for our values and the economic issues facing our country...

I know from my many long months on the campaign trail meeting with voters nationwide that the writer of this email is not alone. To her and everyone else in a similar situation, please know, I hear you and I will make sure the candidates Huck PAC supports hear you.

There are real problems facing this country. We need to solve our energy crisis. We need to reform our tax code. We need to get a handle on our sky-rocketing health care costs. We need to revitalize our schools.
Washington likes to play a who's up, who's down game with politics. Well when there are hard working Americans writing emails like the one I shared above, let me tell you everyone is down.

Today was about identifying and hearing from the candidates we have endorsed. If you haven't had a chance to read all of the posts I suggest you do. Read the comments as well. We have a community here at committed to the issues. We will continue to grow and I hope you will continue to participate.You can count on Huck PAC to fight for these candidates. And you can count on me to continue fighting for you.
 Thank you very much Governor.  It has and continues to be an honor to fight for you, and our cause!  this was a absolute blast.  I hope that we can do this again many times over.  

thanks to everyone for participating today.  As for me I'm heading to bed.  I'm exhausted from blogging all day.  


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