Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The latest HuckPAC Candidate to check in today is Rep. Sam Graves from Missourri.  He writes to us about the threat of Illegal Immigration:  

Illegal immigration is a clear threat to our country.  Terrorists who want to do our country harm can enter virtually unchecked through our porous borders-both southern and northern. And they can smuggle in dangerous materials capable of causing great destruction. Simply put, our unsecured borders are a national security threat.

But more than just terrorism, our unsecured borders are allowing many violent criminals to enter our country illegally. Violent gangs come here to commit violent crimes and smuggle millions of pounds of cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, all brought through our unsecured southern border.

People just can't understand why Congress can't get its act together and secure our borders.  To me it is just plain commonsense. We need to secure our borders so we know who is coming into the country.
But politicians in Washington just aren't serious about securing our border.  First, they tried to pass off amnesty as comprehensive immigration reform, which I am proud to say that I fought to stop. Now, Nancy Pelosi is blocking a bi-partisan bill that will make it tougher for illegal immigrants to get across the border, find a job, and stay here once they get caught.

We have to secure the border. And we have to do it now.  Until we secure our borders, we will be vulnerable to terrorists and violent criminals not to mention the impact illegal immigration has on our economy.

You can learn more about Congressman Sam Graves here.

 Very Well said! 

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