Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ashley Swearengin For Mayor of Fresno California!

Frequent readers to this blog will definitely know I reside near Atlanta, Georgia.  However I have many friends in California.  In fact I have a few near the city of Fresno.  This year the citizens there are selecting a new mayor and I am very pleased to make an endorsement in that race.  I am very proud to endorse Ashley Swearengin!  I think she will make a fantastic mayor and I hope the people of Fresno will agre with my sentiments.  By visiting her website you will see where she stands on the issue and she has a plan to help the city regain its footing as the capitol of the San Joaquin Valley.  Ashley's plan includes strengthening the economy of the city, making City Hall more accessable to the people and mroe effecient for the taxpayer.  A big part of her plan is to be fiscally responsible.  You can't go wrong with that and I don't think the people of Fresno California can;t go wrong by electing Ashley Swearengin as their new mayor this November! 

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