Monday, July 14, 2008

HuckPAC's Vertical Day is Wednesday July 23rd!

One of the coolest initiatives during the 2008 Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign was Vertical Day on September 24-25, 2007.  For 24 hours Mike Huckabee's website featured video blogs from Mike, and guests blogs from supporters and endorsers.  I was one of of those supporters.  You can read the post that became my guest blog HERE  It is very hard to believe that almost a year has passed but in reality it has.  It was such an honor to be chosen as a Guest blogger for that day and it may not be the best moment from the campaign but it sure does rank up there near the top.   

Back to the present.  HuckPAC and Mike Huckabee are planning to do it all over again.  HuckPAC's Vertical Day will be held Noon-Midnight on Wednesday, July 23rd.  The purpose of Vertical Day is to promote HuckPAC supported candidates to conservatives across the nation.  There are several confirmed participants already  - Senator Cornyn, Senator Inhofe, Senator Dole, Senator Alexander, Roy Brown, Steve Daines, Gilbert Baker and Bob Clegg - And each will produce a post (either via text or video) about the important issues of the day.  It is hoped that 4-6 other candidates will participate.  

At this time I would like to give a shout out to my fellow Huckabee Bloggers - While we may not be doing the heavy work on the HuckPAC blog next Wednesday it is very important to spread the word around.  I plan to cover Vertical Day (as I did the first one) and I hope you will do the same.  If you are not a blogger please tell your friends and family about Vertical Day and come and see what these fine candidates have to say. 

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