Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Next up is one of Kevin Tracy's favorites, Luke Puckett, the Republican candidate for Congress from the 2nd District.  I didn't know too much about Luke before now but I am really liking him now! 

Hello, I'm Luke Puckett, Republican candidate for Congress in Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. I want to first say thank you to HuckPac for making me your first endorsed candidate from Indiana. Working class families nationwide catapulted Gov. Huckabee into the national spotlight because they realized Washington is broken, and they believed in his common sense conservative vision for the future; it is these same families that are the centerpiece of my campaign.

These families work too hard and are taxed too much to be paying the Pelosi Premium on gasoline and spending an average of $4.00 for a gallon of gas every time they fill their vehicle up. They deserve better than a United States Congress that has, time and again, rejected the opportunity to expand drilling and refinement of American oil, a Congress dead set on repealing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

They deserve better than a Congress who refuses to allow the free market to lower the price of health insurance, and they deserve better than a Congress that plays politics with our troops.

Gov. Huckabee and HuckPac have shown us all that a strong leader and dedicated band of followers can affect positive change long before being elected to office. I am honored with the opportunity to follow in his footsteps, and pledge that every day and every decision in Washington will be made with those hard working families in mind.

To learn more about Luke Puckett's campaign for Congress click here.

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