Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HUCKPAC'S VERTICAL DAY - Answering the Questions

When requesting our ideas about the important issues of the day, Governor Huckabee asked about several issues.  Well the next guest supporter, a retired teacher from California, tries to answer them all:

Control Spending? Stop spending money that does not exist. Every one must live withing their means including our government. Congress spends tax-payers money and goes into unbelievable future debt that we will have to pay generations down the line. Irresponsible? YES!!!!'

Energy Independent? Use our own countries resources that are within our Nation's borders. We have plenty, and we cannot afford to be held hostage by our enemies around the world.

Improve our Educational System? Stop allowing social agendas to be forced on our kids when we parents disagree full-heartily. Educational basics are still Reading and Writing, and Arithmetic with English, Science, and True US and World History, not re-written to lead our youth into wrong thinking. The Golden Rule has always been easy to understand and to live with. It is scarcely known by our students now. The foundations of a strong work-ethic is essential to make it in this world today financially, and teenagers need to be exposed to skills that they can enter the workforce with and be successful. Families are the basic unit of society, and as they fall apart at the seams, so does this country. We all are losing hope for a better future with the support of family and school working together to prepare our young to become successful and productive adults. A state of hopelessness and depression is taking its toll. So many people are wasting their lives due to their failure to achieve when their opportunities were not taken seriously. Bad Attitude is very difficult to turn around, so we should prevent it at all costs.

Improve our Health Care?

Most of us like to select our own health care and we are willing to pay whatever we can afford. Unfortunately too many others like to think they are "entitled" to have tax- payer supported health care. Many employers now offer health care benefits, but for the unemployed...they miss out on that. So their attitude is the government must provide it for them. They take no personal responsibility for themselves which is another part of Bad Attitude. More and more people are willing to do nothing for themselves but to rely on the tax-paying citizens to take care of them. We have become a nation of people who are depending on their Entitlements. They are not free, in fact people who do not pay have little respect for the value of anything. They are the wasteful ones who throw away good food etc. and litter the common areas with their wastefulness. Families used to take care of their own, but now they let the state governments take care of their problems and provide care for individuals who have serious needs. Family and Education need to work together to reduce the numbers of welfare rolls.


 Every family needs to have members who work for a living to support the family. And every family should pay taxes accordingly. Right now less than half of our population pays taxes, and this is sure doom and our society is going broke. I am for tax-reform that is fair to all.

Promotion of concervation and good sterwardship of our environment.?

Education and common sense tells us that wastefulnes will cost us dearly, and when we conserve we also save much money for a better economy at home and in the community. But when people get things for free, they place no personal cost or value, and they are so wasteful it is pitiful. It is an attitude of total ungratittude. They tend to have no personal responsibility nor pride in themselves because they are takers and not givers anyway. The are the product of failing families and failing schools, and they are growning in numbers that are so costly.

Don't we care to fix what is broken? Apparently our Congress is broken too. They are not concerned about what is true and right in the over-all sight of God.

Mrs. Jean Palmer, San Marcos, California, retired high school teacher for over 40 years.

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