Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HUCKPAC'S VERTICAL DAY - Idea For Health Care Reform

Another supporter idea has been published to coincide with Vertical Day.  The following post is an idea for Health Care reform:  

 I have worked for family practice physicians for 27 years. My idea
came from one of the physicians who paid off his student loans by
working somewhere near Indonesia. He was a public servant, and his
service was transferred into payments on his student loans. This
seemed like something that would translate into helping with the
health care crisis here in the 50 states.

A. Do not interfere with people who already have health care
coverage. Leave them as is.

B. Gradually, increase the number of public health clinics, and
include hospitals, laboratories, occupational and physical therapy
units, etc. until all counties are covered. Use mobile health
clinics also.

C. NO insurance claims, etc., - as processing these claims is one
of the major costs in health care. Instead, each patient would pay a
$5.00 co-payment (amount could change according to income) so that
the system would not be abused. Each billing would translate into
payments on the student loans of doctors, nurses, therapists, lab
personnel, etc. who would serve in the public system.

D. Personnel serving in this system would be paid a minimal base
salary to cover their living expenses. They would also receive
credits toward paying off their student loans. Once their loans were
paid off, they would go into private or group practice.

D Clinic costs, such as electric, gas, supplies, malpractice, etc.
would be government funded.

This is the bare bones idea, and probably oversimplified, but could
be developed into a workable health care solution.

Nancy Hofman
Eckert, CO 

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For the Gipper said...

Sounds logical and workable, to me.


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