Friday, June 27, 2008

Does Anyone Else Have A Problem With This?

Granted I have not chosen a dog in the fight (and I might not when all is said and done). However I have a huge problem with the current state of campaign financing between the campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama. Obama has refused Federal matching funds. This means that Obama can raise as much money as he wants and spend as much as he wants I have no problem with that on the surface. The problem lies in the fact that John McCain is accepting Federal campaign matching funds. Doing so places limits on how much money McCain can raise and spend. Does anyone else think this is fair? Despite being a Conservative, I would also have a problem if the roles were reversed.  

I believe that each candidate should be on an equal footing (as far as rules). If Senator Obama is going to be able to raise and spend as much as he wants than John McCain should be able to do the same. In other words if a candidate refuses Federal matching than that should trigger a mechanism that eliminates Federal matching funds from the contest in question (or vice versa).I don't care what solution is aggred upon I just want each candidate to be on equal footing in the rules department. Otherwise it is not fair. As for 2008 it is very clear that the contest is not fair. Am I the only person out there that has a problem with that?

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