Friday, June 13, 2008

Govorner Huckabeee to Fox News - What Does It All Mean?

In a very interesting development Fox News is hiring Mike Huckabee to be a political contributor for the length of a one-year contract.  This really says something about Mike's character and it couldn't be any more positive.  Out of all the networks that covered and analyzed his campaign, Fox News was the most hostile to his candidacy.  In becoming a network political contributor and going into the belly of the beast Governor Huckabee is showing a high level of grace and forgiveness.  But that is Mike for ya.

Now what does this mean?  It could mean a variable of things.  This deal could mean that Huckabee knows or believes that he will not be on McCain's ticket.  The gig on Fox News would keep him visible and keep his name out there.  On the other hand this could be some kind of trial balloon since Mike will be appearing frequently on Fox News, still a first-turn choice for Conservatives to get their news and information - McCain might want to know if Mike can win over an arm of his base that has been hostile to Mike during the Primary process.  Thirdly, this could be an act of desperation for News Corp.  Fox News is tanking in the rankings and it seems to coincide with the Primary season.  I don't know about Social Conservatives at large but I know that after hearing the Fox News people slam Mike over and over again that I haven't cared to watch the channel since (and know many other fellow Huckabee supporters who made the same choice).  Lastly could this be some sort of set-up that keeps Mike from taking the VP slot in lieu of someone else (like Romney)?

It could be either of those four options or a combination of some or all of them. Who knows?  Only time will tell.  Go get 'em Mike!   It's gonna be great watching you on TV a lot in the coming days and weeks.    

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