Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mike Huckabee: "Now We Know"

The following is the latest HuckPAC E-mail from Governor Mike Huckabee:

Senator Obama is the Democrat presidential nominee. So where does he stand on the issues?

  1. He supports abortion.
  2. He supports amnesty.
  3. He supports universal health care.
  4. He supports new federal spending.
  5. He supports raising our taxes.

And the list goes on. Senator Obama's vision for America and his view of the role government should play in our daily lives is dramatically different than our own understanding of government and the conservative vision of America.

Across America, Democrats with similar views of government are running for office hoping to ride what they believe will be a great wave of "change" into office.

Who will stand against them? Who will support our Republican candidates?

I will and I hope you will stand with me. Through Huck PAC, I will be working overtime to assist Republican candidates that share our values. I will campaign for them, we will support them financially, we will give them a platform to speak with voters and we will actively promote their campaigns to our friends, family and within our communities.

On Friday I am headed to North Carolina to campaign for Elizabeth Dole and this weekend I will campaign for Bob Clegg in New Hampshire.

While I am campaigning for these candidates, I ask that you do three things for me:

1. Email or call a friend and ask them to sign up for my Huck PAC emails.

2. Join the discussion on our blog.

3. And make a contribution of $25 or more if you haven't yet supported Huck PAC financially.

Thank you again for your continued support. I will email you again from the campaign trail this weekend.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee


charles lawlesss said...

I love Huckabee, but I read a very interesting Article talking about how many of Huckabees supporters are crossing Party lines to vote for Bob Barr because they feel left out by the GOP. If you want to read the article here is the link. I am one of the supporters that is considering casting a vote for Barr. If Huckabee isnt the VP pick I will be voting libertarian. Never thought id say that. Here is the link. The article is at the bottom of the page.

BDBopper said...

Very good point. However I have done my homework and realized that Barr running as a Libertarian is just a power-trip. No wonder it took six ballots for him to get their nomination. He is contradicting almost all of his views that he carried as a Republican Congressman to run as the Libertarian candidate for President. I can see right through him like a glass window. He won't be getting my vote.


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