Monday, April 21, 2008

This Blog Endorses Ray McKinney For Georgia's 12th Congressional District!

(As promised yesterday here is the first of two endorsements I will be making today. They may not carry a lot of weight but I have taken great care in these decisions. I feel these people are right for the jobs they are seeking)

Georgia was home to the two districts that almost gave the GOP a pickup in the House during the disaster of 2006. One of those districts was the 12th District down in East-Central Georgia. In looking for candidates to submit to HuckPAC for possible support I found Ray McKinney. He was one of minor GOP candidates for President, but ended his campaign to run for Congress. I can see no better fit for HuckPAC than Ray McKinney. I see some of the same qualities in him that I saw in Governor Huckabee. It also does not hurt that he also is a staunch supporter of the FairTax and pledges to co-sponsor it if elected. For more information please go to Ray's website HERE. I hope that you will agree with my sentiments.

Best of luck Ray! I may not live in your district but I support you. I don't really have any money to help but I hope that HuckPAC will choose you as one of the candidates they will help support. If there is anything I can do otherwise please let me know.

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