Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Is A Huckabee Republican?

If you have not dropped by in awhile you will notice the heading for this blog has changed. According to the heading I claim to be a "Proud Huckabee Republican!" "So what is a Huckabee Republican?" you ask. Sit down and I'll tell ya.

8 months ago you would have to drag me kicking and screaming if you wanted to even try to call myself a Republican. Remember when I started this blog I considered myself and "independent voter." Following the 2008 Huckabee campaign I am changed in several ways. One of those ways is that I have actually drifted towards the Republican party. If you told me that I would eventually join my county's GOP I would have said "Dude, you're nuts!" However that is exactly what I have done. In time I will start attending meetings and becoming active. For those of you out there that are discouraged by the GOP, you are not alone. You and I both know that the party needs a good scrubbing. However we are not going to be able to change the GOP and move it in a more positive direction without getting involved.

So am I exactly a Republican? Not quite. However I am close enough right now to call myself a "Huckabee Republican" So I have not answered your question yet. Okay...settle down. I'll get right down to the meat and potatoes.

A Huckabee Republican:

  • is pro life. However there is a key difference. We believe that life begins at conception and instead of ending at birth, life ends at death. We believe that all human life should be honored and cherished. We must be consistent in that belief. If we do not believe in the protection of human life from conception than why should we care about missing boy scouts or trapped miners? (NOTE - This is a major ideological shift for me. Listening to Mike Huckabee describe it made the stance actually make sense to me rationally. I don't agree with banning abortion instead eliminating it with a more positive approach - making adoption an easier and less expensive option etc...)
  • believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman and the institution should be protected. (NOTE - This is the only plank I disagree with. I believe that marriage should not be a matter of the State and should be a private matter between a couple and God.
  • believes that politics should be vertical. We are a very polarized nation. It's left vs right, Liberal vs. Conservative, Republican vs Democrat. We should care about helping our nation and its people rise up from our current problems instead of bickering and fighting amongst ourselves.
  • demands lower taxes for all with a more simple and fair system, THE FAIRTAX that would end the current system that punishes productivity and hard work and replaces it with a system that would be "so simple a 7 year old running a lemonade stand could understand it." The FairTax would make the United States the world's tax haven and would be the biggest economic stimulus this nation has ever had. The only way other nations could compete with us is to enact the same system. The FairTax is "fair, flat, finite, & family friendly." We also believe that the FairTax is a solution to ending poverty. Frankly wouldn't it be fantastic if April the 15th was just a lovely spring day?
  • believes in balanced budgets. They must be created without raising taxes. The only time taxes can be raised to create a balanced budget is as a last resort.
  • recognizes that a nation that cannot "feed, fuel, and fight for itself cannot be free." & that "excess taxation and litigation leads to job migration."
  • understands that our Earth was given to us from God and that we must keep it clean and green. However we should not resort to socialism to meet the challenge. In other words we prescribe to Newt Gingrich's Green Conservatism
  • demands low cost and effecient health care for all. Our system is broken. We must shift our focus from reactive care to proactive care. Health insurance must also be streamlined. Why should the residents in each state have to pay different rates for the same care with the same provider?
  • demands that we must take measures to become energy independent in ten years. This is an issue of major importance to our economic and national security! Every avenue must be explored: Drilling in ANWAR, developing solar, wind, hydroelectric, and nuclear plants, etc. It's high time that we tell the Saudis that "we need your oil like we need you sand!" and suggesting "Why don't you use it for your salad dressing?"
  • demands secure borders. The border fence must be built without anymore delay using American labor and American materials. We must make it as hard to get in our country as it is to go through security at our airports. We must not give those who have come here illegal amnesty either. They must be sent back home and to the back of the line. We also recognize that our intense anger on this matter should be directed towards our elected officials who have created and made this problem worse rather than towards the illegal aliens who have come here for better economic opportunity. "We must thank God that we live in a country that people are trying to break into rather than break out of."
  • recognizes and honors the sacrifice of our military. We demand the enactment of a Veterans Bill of Rights. the great men and women who selflessly serve in our military should be coming home to a greatful nation and treated with the respect that they deserve.

I realize that there are other planks to the "Huckabee Republican platform." Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Do you have something that you think should be added to this list? Please leave a comment and I will add it.

Oh and thanks for being patient for this post. I have worked a long time on it to get it to this point.


Anonymous said...

It sounds more like you have slide into the dark side of becoming a McCainian Republican. He, by the way doesn't support the FairTax.

BDBopper said...

How so? I don't support John McCain at all. I have no plans to vote for him. I don't understand. Please elaborate.

Larry Perrault said...


Listen carefully to what I'm saying. I have been by your blog from time to time and was myself a Huckabee blogger since March or April, 07. Before I go into it, understand that I feel strongly that the list you have given is the important core to forging a new coalition. I think it helps to keep the focus limited, though other elaborations will flow from application of the same principles.

But, here is the important part: I arrived at a place consistent with yours VIA AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PATH. And, that illustrates how a new core coalition can be forged that can override the traditional bases of The Republican parties. I don't care what name that coalition grows under, even if it's Democrat or Republican.

What I care about is that this positive approach is widely embraced and that the traditional bases feel displaced from power. Now, let me tell you of my path.

I already see that a commenter has referred to your "move to the dark side," apparently because you dared to embrace the word, "Republican" in any measure or context. That is the "negative" disposition that it is imperative is overridden in a new movement. And, believe me, it describes an activist element of the base of both mahor parties. The exact same phrase could be equally applied to a Democrat by a Republican. That's what needs to be defeated and discarded.

I can go into detail on my agreement with your numerous points, including your dissent with the call for a marriage amendment to the US Constitution, and the fact that I believe some of these points are even more urgent than Huckabee presented them as, like The Fair Tax. And, I may do so. But for now, I'll keep this from becoming an extended distraction from the point that you and I come from different provinces of the population that must be united in this coalition.

I am a lifelong conservative and a doctrinaire one, but of philosophy not of sentiment. I have in fact, voted 3rd party in the past because Republican candidates were too ambiguous. A few years ago, I slowly acknowledged the fact that people on both sides vote for what they believe is "good." And, the establishment of both sides usually puts power above the objective of good. I decided I would rather discuss what is good with someone who disagrees than grasp for power with someone who checks my boxes for power's sake. I decided that we must discuss ideals and reach to people in both parties, rather than focusing on vanquishing the villains on the other side and standing victorious over them with arms raised and a foot on their neck after we have emulated them enough to win a bare majority or plurality.

This is true idealism, not mere animosity. But, who will embody and lead such an effort? When I saw that Huckabee had announced in early 2007 and read his history and agenda, I thought, "My God, HERE HE IS!" How can we pull together this coalition of positive idealists? Huckabee may have set a foundation.


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