Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mike Huckabee: We're Just Getting Started!

The following is the latest note from Governor Mike Huckabee:

It was obvious that the campaign did more than bring people together for this one election, but it helped reveal that there is a vast community of conservatives in this nation who want common sense solutions and honest discussion of the real issues that touch the lives of Americans everyday. You took us far beyond what the cynics and media thought possible. You showed that message matters and that no amount of money can substitute for true convictions.

When we launched HuckPAC this week, it was the first step to not only keep the “community of common sense” alive, but it was also the first of several steps to grow that community and have impact on the nation through elections from school board to the White House, and on the discussion and framing of the issues for the country.

HuckPAC will give us an opportunity to have a direct impact on elections. We will not support any and every candidate who wants money, advice, or endorsement. We want to support those who reflect the same values as those who contribute to the PAC and who principles are more important than the “politics of convenience.”

We look for candidates who understand the imperative of respecting human life as core to our civilization, who understand that the family is the most basic unit of government, and the breakdown of the home results in increasingly expensive and intrusive government. We will help those who know that our economy is in trouble because of structural and not just cyclical reasons and needs an overhaul of the tax system by ridding ourselves of penalties on productivity and the IRS whose policies inhibit economic growth. We will look for those candidates who know that the war on Islamo-facism cannot be won without energy independence and that education, health care, poverty, and conservation are areas in which conservatives need to lead and not just follow. We will support candidates who understand that policies ought to empower people from the bottom up, and that the “Wall Street to Washington” axis of power is totally out of touch with the rest of America.

Joining HuckPAC is not a “memory-maker” about the past campaign, but an opportunity to take what we learned, make it count, and build for the future.

One time contributions, monthly contributions, or occasional contributions will all help us move these goals forward and help get people elected who “get it.” I hope if you haven’t joined HuckPAC yet, you will today and that you’ll read and comment regularly on the blog and share the website with others. We will be doing a lot of things in the coming days to add to and improve the website to bring more news, updates on activities and plans, etc. We welcome your suggestions as well.

Many have asked about what I’m up do most days. A lot, actually! In addition to campaigning for Senator McCain and other candidates who will be featured on HuckPAC, I’m speaking in a variety of venues, including quite a few college campuses. Just last week, I spoke at both Union College and Cornell University in New York, and will be at Iona College in New York this week. I am working on a new book that will come out in November (under a very tight deadline!) that will be about YOU—you will love the stories from the campaign trail and what they really mean for the future of America. I’m in the process of developing another organization that will be more about policies of principle than just politics and am in discussion about forums in the public arena in TV, radio, etc. to further the message. I’ve been far busier than I imagined, and if you’re in an airport somewhere in America, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into me!

On a personal note, Janet and I are trying to put things back to normal for ourselves and the “boys” (Jet, Sonic, and Toby—the three Huckabee dogs). She is back at the Red Cross for now and I’m also trying to rehab my knee from some problems that have kept me from running distances over about 5 miles for the past few weeks. I had to withdraw from running the Boston Marathon (which was very frustrating), but I’m running shorter distances and doing therapy and getting back to where I can start marathon training again.

We were overwhelmed by the amazing bond that was created during the campaign. It was as if our family enlarged to thousands more. We were blessed beyond description and simply stunned by the depth of love people have for this nation and their willingness to restore it to greatness.

We are NOT finished! In fact, we’re just getting started. Welcome to the journey!


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