Monday, April 14, 2008

This Comment Nails It!

I've had a few comments to my "Huckabee Republican" post from the other day. I could leave this one as just a comment but it screams to be shared in a post of its own because Larry hits the nail right on the head!


Listen carefully to what I'm saying. I have been by your blog from time to time and was myself a Huckabee blogger since March or April, 07. Before I go into it, understand that I feel strongly that the list you have given is the important core to forging a new coalition. I think it helps to keep the focus limited, though other elaborations will flow from application of the same principles.But, here is the important part: I arrived at a place consistent with yours VIA AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PATH. And, that illustrates how a new core coalition can be forged that can override the traditional bases of The Republican parties. I don't care what name that coalition grows under, even if it's Democrat or Republican.What I care about is that this positive approach is widely embraced and that the traditional bases feel displaced from power. Now, let me tell you of my path. I already see that a commenter has referred to your "move to the dark side," apparently because you dared to embrace the word, "Republican" in any measure or context. That is the "negative" disposition that it is imperative is overridden in a new movement. And, believe me, it describes an activist element of the base of both mahor parties. The exact same phrase could be equally applied to a Democrat by a Republican. That's what needs to be defeated and discarded.I can go into detail on my agreement with your numerous points, including your dissent with the call for a marriage amendment to the US Constitution, and the fact that I believe some of these points are even more urgent than Huckabee presented them as, like The Fair Tax. And, I may do so. But for now, I'll keep this from becoming an extended distraction from the point that you and I come from different provinces of the population that must be united in this coalition.I am a lifelong conservative and a doctrinaire one, but of philosophy not of sentiment. I have in fact, voted 3rd party in the past because Republican candidates were too ambiguous. A few years ago, I slowly acknowledged the fact that people on both sides vote for what they believe is "good." And, the establishment of both sides usually puts power above the objective of good. I decided I would rather discuss what is good with someone who disagrees than grasp for power with someone who checks my boxes for power's sake. I decided that we must discuss ideals and reach to people in both parties, rather than focusing on vanquishing the villains on the other side and standing victorious over them with arms raised and a foot on their neck after we have emulated them enough to win a bare majority or plurality.This is true idealism, not mere animosity. But, who will embody and lead such an effort? When I saw that Huckabee had announced in early 2007 and read his history and agenda, I thought, "My God, HERE HE IS!" How can we pull together this coalition of positive idealists? Huckabee may have set a foundation.


That is exactly why I joined Huckabee's team last August! You've nailed it! I was looking for a candidate with a better vision for our nation with new ideas to make positive change. I was looking for someone who would go beyond party lines to do so. I found that man in Governor Huckabee. Not only did he stress the importance of the issue that was and still is the most important issue to me (the FairTax) but his stance on all the issues came from his heart and was not justified by his wanting of political power. Even though I disagreed with him on social issues (as I lean somewhat Libertarian on those) these were his same stances 15 years ago and he will hold the same 15 years from now. That was exactly the person I was looking for in our next President. Great comment!

Note - you can read Larry's blog, Stranger In a Foreign Land, HERE


Larry Perrault said...

Your response is heartening to listen to. I have always been pro-life. But, I explained to some that I think Huckabee's position on an abortion amemdment is shorthand for saying that the practice of abortion is unconstitutional, which I agree with. But, 1) if such an amendment actually ever made significant progress, America would by definition have already progressed in its understanding of an respect for the sanctity of life, which would make an amendment a mere formalization of a change in public sentiment.
2) As I told someone else, before such a change in the public consciousness, striving after the constraint of law is, practically speaking, spitting in the wind.

I also not only don't make a priority of, but oppose a constitutional amendment defining marriage. The federal government should have nothing to do with it. And if we concede that it has the province to define it how we might like the definition today, we concede that it has the province to define it how we don't, tomorrow.

Briefly on The Fair Tax, the likely surge of activity and revenue that it would present may be the only possible escape from financially drowning under the tsunami of entitlement liability that the federal government has taken on and is by now upon us. By the way, that's why I support McCain, with whom I have often disagreed. McCain has long demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to control extravagant spending, like Bush never has. In fact, McCain opposed most of Bush's spending extravagance.

One last thing which I didn't mention before in my mistake-laden comment. Years ago, I argued with liberals that being conservative does not imply that you are selfish and indifferent to other people.

After watching the reaction to Huckabee of many whom I came to describe as "dyspeptic conservatives," it was clear that I might very well ask whether in some cases, I was certainly not correct.

Larry Perrault said...

By the way, I expect I'l get back to blogging, soon. But, I've only posted about 3 times, since Huckabee withdrew on March 4. I'll be commenting on daily events, watching the HuckPac progress, and getting into my personal perspectives as a philosophically-inclined conservative Christian MS-sufferer. Something I have relatively unique experience regarding. :-)


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