Monday, April 14, 2008

Mike Huckabee's Website Re-launches in Less than 24 Hours!

A week of anticipation and withdrawal symptoms (especially for us Huckabeez who were addicted to visiting Huck's site every day every day for the past eight months) is about to end! Tomorrow, April 15th, 2008 the new version of Mike Huckabee's website will launch at Noon Eastern. There is definitely a big clue to what will happen and what will be seen when the countdown clock reaches zeros and the new site is unveiled. Note that the URL sends you to the same countdown clock. Also HuckPAC has surfaced as a group on Facebook already and the die-hard supporters (like me) are already members. In fact the group already has 47 members before launch at the time of this posting.

So what will we see exactly at launch time? Well we will have to wait to find out. And yes...don't fret. I'll be all over it. I am hearing some very wild rumors out there circulating around the web today that I am tempted to share but I won't because they will likely end up being just that, rumors. Through my experience following the Huckabee campaign I have definitely learned my leson with rumors. I'm not going to be caught by them again.

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